Wednesday, January 26, 2011


today is Australia Day, as the masses flock to the beach, pubs or mates to enjoy a BBQ and some beer in the company of friends and relatives our little tribe headed to Little Miss's Godparents place to enjoy their company and swim.

As i watched them play with the kids and have fun i found myself being taking back a year you see today was the day Little Miss was due, but instead she was early, our little princess struggled and fought every single day of her short life which i think is part of the reason i struggle with a bond.

Little Miss had what they called IUGR or INTRAUTERINE GROWTH RESTRICTION still she is in the lower percentile (not that i pay attention to those) but she always measured low but at 32 weeks she stopped growing all together. I talked it over with my dr and we held out as long as was safe but alas she was induced early.

Its amazing how much has changed in this year, shes now a little one year old with the most heart melting smile and giggle, her big brother loves her dearly and is so protective of her, our family have made some huge decisions regarding our future and we have learned to value family time more.

Australia day is for the masses a day to celebrate all that is Australian.

Australia day for me is a day to celebrate my family.

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