Friday, January 7, 2011

Out of Order

Currently my camera is out of action so ill catch up on the moments posts shortly.

Things around the Madhouse have been very blissfull lately execpt the stress about Little Miss's passport.

We were meant to travel to NZ in 10 days but currently her passport is being processed. Because Mr Madhouse and myself are NZ'ders our children born here in Australia arent actually able to get Australian passports, they arent classed as Australian Citizens until they reach the age of 10! how messed up is that.

So we sent Little Miss's passport and application for decent to NZ and they messed it up causing it to having to be redone the chances of it arriving here in time are slim.

Mr Madhouse is doing crazy shifts atm so isnt around alot and Little Miss and I are heading to Perth for the day on monday.

So thats that nothing exciting to report but ill come up with something shortly i promise.

Take care y'all

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