Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 20

Day 19

Day 18


In this world that we live in there is good but also bad.

This topic isnt a pleasant one but its an important one.

child abuse rates in Australia and the world are rising, the statistics are appalling.

Bravehearts is an important organization its focused on children and supporting them and their families though the ordeal of sexual abuse. Providing counsellings and education to help keep kids safe.

If your wondering about where to donate money this tax year go here and help support such a worthy cause.

Many children are missing out or at least having delayed help for lack of funding.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011


today is Australia Day, as the masses flock to the beach, pubs or mates to enjoy a BBQ and some beer in the company of friends and relatives our little tribe headed to Little Miss's Godparents place to enjoy their company and swim.

As i watched them play with the kids and have fun i found myself being taking back a year you see today was the day Little Miss was due, but instead she was early, our little princess struggled and fought every single day of her short life which i think is part of the reason i struggle with a bond.

Little Miss had what they called IUGR or INTRAUTERINE GROWTH RESTRICTION still she is in the lower percentile (not that i pay attention to those) but she always measured low but at 32 weeks she stopped growing all together. I talked it over with my dr and we held out as long as was safe but alas she was induced early.

Its amazing how much has changed in this year, shes now a little one year old with the most heart melting smile and giggle, her big brother loves her dearly and is so protective of her, our family have made some huge decisions regarding our future and we have learned to value family time more.

Australia day is for the masses a day to celebrate all that is Australian.

Australia day for me is a day to celebrate my family.

Day 16

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Oh dear part 2

So Mr Madhouse you would assume after raising kids for a number of years would you know actually have a clue about the care of kids right?

Well we had this discussion yesterday after i noticed Jnr Madhouse and Bud were quite badly sunburnt on their shoulders.

Me; hey did you notice the boys were burnt?

Mr Madhouse; true? *goes and looks* oh yeah must have been when we went out bush with me this morning

Did you put sunblock on them?

um ah no, how was i meant to know your the responsible one of this outfit.

*forehead slap*Ok for future reference if your taking the boys out they need sunblock APPLIED and hats and glasses ok, they burn just like you.

Seriously i have some doubts about him sometimes!

FYI the temperature at 9am when they left that morning was already 33 degrees.

day 12

Little miss is one...

So it was little Miss's birthday a little while ago and we were holding off celebrating it because we were heading overseas to family and they want to make a big deal about it.

Due to passport issues that isnt going to happen until March so we got together with friends and family today to celebrate.

here is our day..

Friday, January 21, 2011

day 11

Oh dear

So Mr Madhouse bathed little miss tonight while i showered with Jnr Madhouse.

I got out of the shower and was getting dry when Mr Madhouse turned to me and asked why the thing he was cleaning little Miss with had silver on one side?

I looked and replied: um thats the scrubber for cleaning the bath.

You know those pads with blue material on one side and non scratch silver on the other yeah apparently she got ex foliated tonight.

I think Mr Madhouse needs more cleaning duties.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 10

Our day today

Simply bliss i tells ya, we loaded up the car took a packed lunch and headed out of town.

Mr Madhouse has been working heaps lately so we were in desperate need of us time.

The adventure started off fine except we got a blow out about 1hr into our trip. Didnt dull spirits, the boys went off exploring the scrub while Mr Madhouse changed the tire. *grrr new tire delaminated!

Off we went again where we stopped at Cave hill for lunch and a swim, everyone enjoying the water, bushwalks after swimming, exploring the hills of stone and pretending we were walking on the moon.

Returned home for all the tired campers to have a nap.

Yes i know the photos are out of order but Blogger keeps messing them up

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Last Night

I had the most amazing night last night

It was very disturbed as Little Miss was tossing and turning but still amazing.

Shes been in a fair bit of pain that i haven't found the source for yet so has been very clingy and grizzly and wanting to be in my arms for comfort.

See Little miss and I dont have the greatest relationship, from her point of view everything is all roses but I have constantly battled to develop a relationship for her.

Dont get me wrong i love her, i have fought for her fiercely but something has always felt like it was in the way, things are getting better and im finding myself relaxing and the relationship coming freely but it hasn't always been this way.

Last night she only wanted me, my comfort, my arms.

She believed me when i told her things were ok and held her. Last night she needed me.

I spent the night in constant contact with her, she either clung to my arm or leg or she slept in the curve of my body head resting on my arm while i stroked her head.

If the contact was broken within seconds she would wake up screaming and her little arms would flail around in search of me until the contact was regained and she would blissfully return to the land of Nod.

Last night I was her whole world, all she needed to feel safe, last night she was the most important thing to me in the whole world.

Last night we built bridges.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Monkey's and Tigers

Things have been pretty awesome here in the madhouse today, we have spent the morning dancing and playing and generally enjoying each others company, my living room however has turned into a zoo.

It has been taken over by a monkey (see top photo) this has become Little Miss's favorite place in the whole house except for my lap ;) every chance she gets shes standing and bouncing on top on Jnr. Madhouse's Thomas The Tank engine chair. She loves it up there and the smiles she gives when she looks down from her vantage point are so cute.

Jnr. Madhouse disappeared off to his desk and transformed himself into a Tiger. He has a fascination with Tigers at the moment so during our trip to NZ we have plans to take him on a behind the scenes tour of a zoo so he can see some up close.

Lions and Tigers and Bears, ah i love my madhouse.