Monday, February 28, 2011


We have been learning about motion in the Madhouse lately, Jnr Madhouse has had all sorts of fun with balls and other objects and watching them move in different ways.

We are slowly covering the idea of gravity too but thats another post, over the weekend Jnr and Snr Madhouse built a wooden car, Jnr painted it and is having a ball scooting it all around the house.

It has lead to a tonne of questions about motion and propulsion and also alot of giggles.

Have i mentioned homelearning is cool.

Day 44

Day 43

Im back

Ok so sorry about the sudden disappearance thing is things have been tough here in Madland and ive had to refocus on my family and extended family.


Ah i had better explain this huh,

Cookies are representative of your personal health, emotional and spirital.

As mothers we are constantly giving ourselves to others, to our children, our partners, our family and friends all these people take cookies from our cookie jar.

We constantly need to be refilling our cookie jar least we run out and have none for ourselves.

I did that, I ran out, I have been giving so much of myself to others i had nothing for myself nothing to keep myself going.

I had to take some time out for me before i ended up in a loony bin, I have been battling soo much this past year that ive been focusing on looking after everyone else and i forgot about me.

But im back, ive done some baking, i have cookies a plenty i feel refreshed, i feel stable, i feel full and im ready to share with everyone again.

Thank you for your patience, ive lost a few days worth of photos but will make up for them at the end of the year...

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I ran out of cookies today, im sorry.

Ill be back when i have been able to restock the jar.


Monday, February 21, 2011


Sometimes things happen in life that really rock you to your core.

Unimaginable things that are always meant to happen to someone else but instead for some reason the universe is trying to teach you something, trying to tell you something and they happen to you or those you love.

Something horrible happened this past weekend that did exactly that, something happened to my dad.

My dad shits me to tears, really pisses me the fuck off sometimes.

Hes a strong man, a proud man, a man with old fashion valves.

A few hours before something happened i was pissed at him, royally pissed. He was acting like a complete ass not listening to anyone and generally being obnoxious but then a few hours later after the clock had ticked passed midnight we got a call.

A call you never want to receive at those times of the morning, a call that only means one thing.... something bad had happened.

My thoughts went to my dad, hoping and praying he was ok, i was in my car as soon as i could to see him to see for myself that he would be ok.

My strong dad he was not, hes broken, his pride, his soul, his heart has been broken.

From the outside he looks ok, he jokes, he makes light of the situation, he carries on but looking in his eyes you can see it.

Hes been shaken to his core.

I truely dont know what i would do without my dad, i just hope he can heal.

Physically and mentally.

I hope he becomes whole again but for now ill thank the universe for reminding me deep down how i feel about my dad.

Hes my daddy and i love him

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Oh dear

It looks like i have lost my computer.

Jnr Madhouse has discovered the interweb and all its attractions. Tonight as i was making dinner he was busy doing this.

Ive been busy this evening finding some educational sites suitable for his age group but for now i think we will stick with Thomas.

Day 37

Thursday, February 17, 2011

the universe hates me

I swear the universe hates me atm.

Shit just keeps going wrong, dont believe me? heres an example.

We have been trying for over 6 months to get little miss a passport, simple thing right?

Na because Mr Madhouse and I are Kiwi's our children who were born here in the land of Oz arent entitled to an Aussie passport, yeah i know its stupid they have an Aussie Birth Certificate but they arent Australian Citizens until they are 10.

Her photos were rejected for bullshit reasons like the background was white *rolls eyes* or her head was on an angle, each time costing us $400+, so far a non existent passport has cost us over $2000.

Yesterday started off um interesting, I slept in resulting in a scrambled mess to get the whole madhouse tribe to school on time and Jnr to daycare, I got some flowers to plant and as i was right in the middle of it the heavens opened and i got soaked, i got a phone call shortly after and Mr Madhouse was soaked as well from a burst pipe so as i was taking a change of clothes to him i battled Door Panel height water on the road and had lighting strike about 30 meters away from the car!

Even Jnrs frogs dont like me cause they keep dying.

hmm wonder who i pissed off in a previous life.

Monday, February 14, 2011


So milkymumma and i had an awesome night last night.

The male Madhouse's were *out bush* doing whatever it is that males do when they *go bush* he he.

This was Jnr Madhouse's first camping trip without me, my baby is growing up oh so much but he had so much fun running around the scrub, building fires to cook dinner and trying to find Yabbies to add to their meal.

Us women did our own little grooving watching movies eating junk food and watching our young brood run around the house laughing and playing together.

Over all i dub this weekend a success.

Tomorrow we will have photos of a craftanoon which will hopefully become a weekly thing.


Day 32

instant village

day 31

mumma made

Day 30

Sunday, February 6, 2011

home learning

Mr Madhouse and I have been doing some home based learning with all the kidlets in the Madhouse tribe.

Today we all piled into our car and went bush in an attempt to have some family time and also some nature lessons at the same time and boy oh boy did we find something totally awesome for home learning... TADPOLES

We had an awesome time exploring the bush and learning how to find and track the nearby goats, the kids cut open a water container (15ltr) and we filled it up with water and some tadpoles to bring home.

The mission tomorrow is to buy a pond and set it up for them to watch them grow into frogs and start some lessons on the circle of life from eggs to frogs.

Pictures will be up once we have the pond set up.

day 25

Day 24

Day 23

Day 22

day 21

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wow the first week of school is now over and as the children embark on turning the house upside down im in awe, im so proud of them.

Little Philip is doing so freaking awesome at toilet training hes still having accidents but they are few and far between, heck on wednesday he went the whole day at school without wetting himself. Awesome! he might just be out of pull ups before hes 100.

Buddy is loving his class and is very proud of his efforts of aging another year. Ive lost count how many times ive been told hes in year 1. Yeah buddy you are.

Missy Moo has been waiting to go back to school since the day after it broke up she has spent the holidays with pens and paper in her hands.

We are looking foward this year, we are going to keep on rolling i cant wait to see what they achieve

Friday, February 4, 2011

wires crossed

So myself and Mr Madhouse were raised like normal country peeps in our area, playing in the rivers and ocean, learning to fish, in winter wishing for floods so we could go onto the newly formed lakes that use to be fields with our spares in one hand barefoot and dragging fishbuckets behind us.

We were outdoors types and everyone had BB/slug guns or sling shots.

When i was 7 years old i got my very own rifle for my birthday. I was stoked it was a 22cal browning.

I had been hunting with my dad as long as i could remember and to this day can still outshoot him.

We were brought up hunting and gathering, we know how to survive off the land without raping her of her resources and this is something we are instilling in our children.

Jnr Madhouse is now 3, hes been looking forward to going out hunting with his daddy upon our upcoming trip to NZ. He will be deerstalking with his daddy and hopefully they might get a deer with the bow.

Now Jnr Madhouse knows that soon he will be old enough to go pig hunting and he came out with a gem last night.

He told us he was going to go pig hunting with daddy and catch a pig and put it on his back *said very excited*

we replied yes Jnr you can go with daddy and you carry the pigs after you have killed them on you back

to which Jnr replied, yeah i can carry them in my ergo.

babywearing is normal in his head. WIN

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

we interupt this programme

Things are rather crazy here in the madhouse, i havent forgotten you all ill be back to normal programming shortly.

Right now my family need me but ill see ya all in a few days.