Thursday, February 17, 2011

the universe hates me

I swear the universe hates me atm.

Shit just keeps going wrong, dont believe me? heres an example.

We have been trying for over 6 months to get little miss a passport, simple thing right?

Na because Mr Madhouse and I are Kiwi's our children who were born here in the land of Oz arent entitled to an Aussie passport, yeah i know its stupid they have an Aussie Birth Certificate but they arent Australian Citizens until they are 10.

Her photos were rejected for bullshit reasons like the background was white *rolls eyes* or her head was on an angle, each time costing us $400+, so far a non existent passport has cost us over $2000.

Yesterday started off um interesting, I slept in resulting in a scrambled mess to get the whole madhouse tribe to school on time and Jnr to daycare, I got some flowers to plant and as i was right in the middle of it the heavens opened and i got soaked, i got a phone call shortly after and Mr Madhouse was soaked as well from a burst pipe so as i was taking a change of clothes to him i battled Door Panel height water on the road and had lighting strike about 30 meters away from the car!

Even Jnrs frogs dont like me cause they keep dying.

hmm wonder who i pissed off in a previous life.

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