Monday, February 28, 2011

Im back

Ok so sorry about the sudden disappearance thing is things have been tough here in Madland and ive had to refocus on my family and extended family.


Ah i had better explain this huh,

Cookies are representative of your personal health, emotional and spirital.

As mothers we are constantly giving ourselves to others, to our children, our partners, our family and friends all these people take cookies from our cookie jar.

We constantly need to be refilling our cookie jar least we run out and have none for ourselves.

I did that, I ran out, I have been giving so much of myself to others i had nothing for myself nothing to keep myself going.

I had to take some time out for me before i ended up in a loony bin, I have been battling soo much this past year that ive been focusing on looking after everyone else and i forgot about me.

But im back, ive done some baking, i have cookies a plenty i feel refreshed, i feel stable, i feel full and im ready to share with everyone again.

Thank you for your patience, ive lost a few days worth of photos but will make up for them at the end of the year...

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