Friday, February 4, 2011

wires crossed

So myself and Mr Madhouse were raised like normal country peeps in our area, playing in the rivers and ocean, learning to fish, in winter wishing for floods so we could go onto the newly formed lakes that use to be fields with our spares in one hand barefoot and dragging fishbuckets behind us.

We were outdoors types and everyone had BB/slug guns or sling shots.

When i was 7 years old i got my very own rifle for my birthday. I was stoked it was a 22cal browning.

I had been hunting with my dad as long as i could remember and to this day can still outshoot him.

We were brought up hunting and gathering, we know how to survive off the land without raping her of her resources and this is something we are instilling in our children.

Jnr Madhouse is now 3, hes been looking forward to going out hunting with his daddy upon our upcoming trip to NZ. He will be deerstalking with his daddy and hopefully they might get a deer with the bow.

Now Jnr Madhouse knows that soon he will be old enough to go pig hunting and he came out with a gem last night.

He told us he was going to go pig hunting with daddy and catch a pig and put it on his back *said very excited*

we replied yes Jnr you can go with daddy and you carry the pigs after you have killed them on you back

to which Jnr replied, yeah i can carry them in my ergo.

babywearing is normal in his head. WIN

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