Monday, February 21, 2011


Sometimes things happen in life that really rock you to your core.

Unimaginable things that are always meant to happen to someone else but instead for some reason the universe is trying to teach you something, trying to tell you something and they happen to you or those you love.

Something horrible happened this past weekend that did exactly that, something happened to my dad.

My dad shits me to tears, really pisses me the fuck off sometimes.

Hes a strong man, a proud man, a man with old fashion valves.

A few hours before something happened i was pissed at him, royally pissed. He was acting like a complete ass not listening to anyone and generally being obnoxious but then a few hours later after the clock had ticked passed midnight we got a call.

A call you never want to receive at those times of the morning, a call that only means one thing.... something bad had happened.

My thoughts went to my dad, hoping and praying he was ok, i was in my car as soon as i could to see him to see for myself that he would be ok.

My strong dad he was not, hes broken, his pride, his soul, his heart has been broken.

From the outside he looks ok, he jokes, he makes light of the situation, he carries on but looking in his eyes you can see it.

Hes been shaken to his core.

I truely dont know what i would do without my dad, i just hope he can heal.

Physically and mentally.

I hope he becomes whole again but for now ill thank the universe for reminding me deep down how i feel about my dad.

Hes my daddy and i love him

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