Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What is?

What is



the Invasion

So the invasion planning is coming along great.

we have a bazillion cupcakes in the freezer all ready to be iced on Saturday night.

invitations have been sent to the various classes and RSVP's a pouring in

calico bags are all ready here, rubber bands have been brought and dye is on its way for tye dye

all the water games and activities are planned

clown has been booked and paid

presents brought and wrapped

goodie bags brought and made

and i have even decided to make a poster for the kids as a momento.

I brought a few painting canvas's and some different colored glitter paint so the kids attending can put hand prints on the canvas.

Should be a good day on Sunday.

Photos to follow

Sunday, November 28, 2010


For the families of the men buried underground, their lives lost but never forgotten.

A country mourns with you.

Joshua Adam Ufer, 25, Australia

William John Joynson 49, Australia

Conrad John Adams 43, New Zealand

Malcolm Campbell 25, Scotland

Glen Peter Cruse 35, New Zealand

Allan John Dixon 59 New Zealand

Zen Wodin Drew 21 New Zealand

Christopher Peter Duggan 31, New Zealand

Joseph Ray Dunbar 17, New Zealand

John Leonard Hale 45, New Zealand

Daniel Thomas Herk 36, New Zealand

David Mark Hoggart 33, New Zealand

Richard Bennett Holling 41, New Zealand

Andrew David Hurren 32, New Zealand

Jacobus Albertus Jonker 47, South Africa

Riki Steve Keane 28, New Zealand

Terry David Kitchin 41, New Zealand

Samuel Peter Mackie 26, New Zealand

Francis Skiddy Marden 41, New Zealand

Michael Nolan Hanmer Monk 23, New Zealand

Stuart Gilbert Mudge 31, New Zealand

Kane Barry Nieper 33, New Zealand

Peter O'Neill 55, New Zealand

Milton John Osborne 54, New Zealand

Brendan John Palmer 27, New Zealand

Benjamin David Rockhouse 21, New Zealand

Peter James Rodger 40, British

Blair David Sims 28, New Zealand

Keith Thomas Valli 62, New Zealand


born to ride??

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Sometimes, well honestly alot/most of the time the rugrats and madhouse's amaze me.

As children they are more siblings than cousins.

They have grown up together both in the same house and now separate.

Although their ages range from 10 months up to almost 7 they generally play so well together.

This afternoon they have all been playing with little miss's old formula tins. 

we have managed to collect quite a few considering she goes through a 400gm tin of it in roughly 3 days.

So watching them in amazement as they use their rescue helicopters to get the farm animals out of the toy box airlifted in the tins to safety melts my heart.

We have been in the backyard playing in the pool and under the sprinkler but as its getting close to dinner was time to come inside.

I really do hope as they grow they keep the bond they have even if they do try and kill each other at times.

my blonde haired blue eyed babies all of them.

What is

what is?

the joy of discovering food

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Well I had some photos to go up today but seems Blogger is having issues.
Like me it has thrown the toys out of the cot and is sulking so i promise to update and catch up on the photos soon as im able to.
On a positive note though I had a fantastic phonecall from Jnr Madhouse's Godparents in NZ, they have decided they are coming over for a holiday in September next year and while i know its AGGGGGEEEESSS away i am super excited.
These people are old enough to be my parents but the respect i hold from them is so great, we have stood together and weathered many a storm both with their issues but also with my own.
The boss: Jrn's godfather stuck his neck, reputation and employment on the line to give me a go when i was just a young eager 17 year old. He saw something in me and was willing to put his livelyhood and career on the line to give me a shot. To me he will always be called The boss, a name given first out of respect then with endearment.
W: now W is the boss's wife she took me under her wing and taught me everything i know as a Paramedic. We work amazing together we are so aware of how the other works we hardly need to talk everything runs so smoothly. W took the time to teach me and not just show me. She took the time to answer my questions and never got annoyed when she would have to explain something down to Cellular level to satisfy my need for knowldge.
They became more than just workmates in the years i worked with them, they became friends then family, hell W was my maid of honor.
The news they are coming over even though its so far away has been enough to pull me out of the pit ive found myself in the last week or so....

Onwards and upwards

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Have i mentioned how much I hate summer?
Oh yeah I do hate summer, give me a cool, chilly, winter day over a bloody muggy, stand out in the sun for 2 seconds and get burnt summer day.
Summer here sucks, its boiling hot, I live inside, Im sticky and worst of all my plants die.
Poor little things wiltering in the sun screaming for water.
And the flies
OMFG the flies.

how many days till autum?

I will be absent the next few days until early next week.
My family need me but ill be back to update and post photos next week sometime.
Take care y'all

Monday, November 15, 2010

The count down

The count down begins.
There is 20 days, yep 20 days until the masses invade and we celebrate the kiddlets birthdays here at the Madhouse... Well actually they will be invading SWMBO'd and The old fullas house but thats a technicality.

We have Missy Moo and Little Philip turning a huge 7, Buddy turning a huge 6 and Jnr Madhouse turning 3.
All of the kiddies will be inviting their classes and Jnr Madhouse wants 8 of his friends to come from his daycare.
This should be interesting.
Im a sucker.

Ive been busy today getting things sorted for the big day, ordering Tye dye and Calico bags for the kids (and adults) to dye and decorate as they see fit.
Ive been deciding on birthday cakes that will need decorating that are allergy friendly.
No Dairy, No soy, no nuts and low in a number of other things.
I think ive settled on cupcakes but dont hold me to it, it might change LOL.
We are having a *water* party so ive been out getting a bouncy castle that has a slide and pool attached and tomorrow i need to look into buckets and sponges for water fights.

Im tired just thinking about it.

Friday, November 12, 2010

What is

what is the best thing about summer fruit


Pain is relative.
Its a sensation that is designed as a defense mechanism for the body, a warning system if you will.
When i was working as a Paramedic we would use the pain scale, getting a patient to judge the pain on a scale of one to ten, one being none.
Pain can be described as a number of things from throbbing, stabbing, dull.
Pain for me is a constant reminder that I have evil cells trying to kill me, constant reminder that i need to keep on my toes and fight for my life.

Pain is my body telling me im not dead yet!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


So we have been in Perth a few days kicking it with aunty Jojo and her brood.
Things there are awesome, shes love sick and missing her Wazzanator, the girlies have grown up sooo much its just not fucking right i tells ya.
Mr Madhouse took Jnr Madhouse to the aquarium while i kicked it with some lovely ladies.
OMG turns out Jnr loves the fishies, he spent the rest of the day running around with a toy shark and octopus which he was calling "my pussy" hmmm that cracked us up for hours (sad i know)
But all in all it was a great trip, spent wayyyyy toooooo much money but meh we had fun and really enjoyed the family time.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Conversations with a 2 year old.

Conversation that went on between Jnr and I today.
He has a snotty nose from swimming.

Jnr go get a tissue and wipe your nose please.

*jnr wipes snot on arm*

Look mummy, magic, all gone.


Saturday, November 6, 2010


Ok so we are all meant to be out camping and generally being all down with earth and all that.
Which i might add is frucking wicked except i made one helluva mummy mistake today and because of said mistake there is no way in hell im gonna be sleeping on some uncomfy bed, even if the trailer has a shower and flushing toilet, did i mention the AIRCON?
Oh yeah that too cause i have to look purdy when i gets down with nature.

Major mummy mistake?

Seems when i was putting sunblock on the children i forgot to do myself.
Yeah im a fucking beetroot.

Dumb ass.

Moral of the story, sunblock is applied to them THEN TO YOU.

Photos to follow tomorrow....
Or maybe not, meh

Friday, November 5, 2010

God's trying to kill me

So late last night i get up from lazing on the internet avoiding housework folding washing and making my house pruddy when i turn of the jug and i swear that fucker upstairs is trying to give me a heart attack!

This little fucker goes running across my line of vision as i daydream (at night?) out the window waiting for the kettle to boil.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Little Philip is sick.

Little Philip doesn't *do* sick, for him the whole world stops, pain is something he has only known so its relative.
He complained that his throat was sore, what sucks however is he isn't vocal.
This means he can say a strange version of Hello and thats about it, everything else is just grunts and high pitched noises.
He doesn't have the verbal skills to be able to tell me what hurts, he doesn't have the sign skills to be able to tell me what hurts. Hes stuck in his own little hell.
I do however have a secret weapon,
Ooh she has a secret weapon you say?
Yep, my secret weapon is.........
Little Miss.
Little Philip and Little miss are tight, those two live for each other while they are in each others company.
Recently Little miss got pneumonia and she went from laying on a bed feeling sorry for herself, not having the energy to even cry to smiling, giggling and jumping around the second she saw him.
Guess what, it had the same effect on him.

Fingers crossed he improves soon, cause you know its not fun watching kids suffer.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My christmas dilemma.

Christmas is approaching and I'm not totally sure how I am going to work around the whole Santa thing just yet.
I'm not sure about my feelings about the whole Santa thing,
Confused yet?

A lot of people don't do Santa because they don't feel its right to lie to their children, to create a myth, a fairytale that will one day be ripped open when the children work out or are told that there is no Jolly Fat Man who comes down the chimney and leaves them presents.
personally I think thats taking it a bit too far, i don't remember exactly when i found out that Santa wasn't real but i know i never held a grudge against my parents for trying to create a bit of magic for me.
So heres my dilemma.
I want to create the feeling of joy/giving/happiness that Christmas brings without my children falling into the commercial side of Christmas where they feel they are being rewarded with gifts for being good throughout the year.
I don't want them to expect presents just because its Christmas.
 But I want them to feel the joy of waking up Christmas morning running into the living room and opening presents, i want them to feel what it is to do something for someone else just cause thats the right thing to do, i want them to learn about giving.
More thinking on this one needed.


Spare tubes $90
new camel pack $120
entry fee $200

spending two days on a motorbike riding over 350kms