Thursday, November 4, 2010


Little Philip is sick.

Little Philip doesn't *do* sick, for him the whole world stops, pain is something he has only known so its relative.
He complained that his throat was sore, what sucks however is he isn't vocal.
This means he can say a strange version of Hello and thats about it, everything else is just grunts and high pitched noises.
He doesn't have the verbal skills to be able to tell me what hurts, he doesn't have the sign skills to be able to tell me what hurts. Hes stuck in his own little hell.
I do however have a secret weapon,
Ooh she has a secret weapon you say?
Yep, my secret weapon is.........
Little Miss.
Little Philip and Little miss are tight, those two live for each other while they are in each others company.
Recently Little miss got pneumonia and she went from laying on a bed feeling sorry for herself, not having the energy to even cry to smiling, giggling and jumping around the second she saw him.
Guess what, it had the same effect on him.

Fingers crossed he improves soon, cause you know its not fun watching kids suffer.

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