Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My christmas dilemma.

Christmas is approaching and I'm not totally sure how I am going to work around the whole Santa thing just yet.
I'm not sure about my feelings about the whole Santa thing,
Confused yet?

A lot of people don't do Santa because they don't feel its right to lie to their children, to create a myth, a fairytale that will one day be ripped open when the children work out or are told that there is no Jolly Fat Man who comes down the chimney and leaves them presents.
personally I think thats taking it a bit too far, i don't remember exactly when i found out that Santa wasn't real but i know i never held a grudge against my parents for trying to create a bit of magic for me.
So heres my dilemma.
I want to create the feeling of joy/giving/happiness that Christmas brings without my children falling into the commercial side of Christmas where they feel they are being rewarded with gifts for being good throughout the year.
I don't want them to expect presents just because its Christmas.
 But I want them to feel the joy of waking up Christmas morning running into the living room and opening presents, i want them to feel what it is to do something for someone else just cause thats the right thing to do, i want them to learn about giving.
More thinking on this one needed.


  1. I am really enjoying your blog and have no doubt whatever you decide will be just right for your family.

    Probably our biggest deciding factor in playing Santa where we all contribute a little something to stockings for everyone else was the way my oldest DD was petrified of shopping centre santa. I could not see reason in telling her that he, or his likeness was coming to our house while we sleep.

  2. Thanks Lisa,
    I think we are going to do a little something along that line here.
    I still want the kids to have the joy of giving and the mystery of what they might find in their stockings without the over the top side.