Thursday, November 25, 2010


Sometimes, well honestly alot/most of the time the rugrats and madhouse's amaze me.

As children they are more siblings than cousins.

They have grown up together both in the same house and now separate.

Although their ages range from 10 months up to almost 7 they generally play so well together.

This afternoon they have all been playing with little miss's old formula tins. 

we have managed to collect quite a few considering she goes through a 400gm tin of it in roughly 3 days.

So watching them in amazement as they use their rescue helicopters to get the farm animals out of the toy box airlifted in the tins to safety melts my heart.

We have been in the backyard playing in the pool and under the sprinkler but as its getting close to dinner was time to come inside.

I really do hope as they grow they keep the bond they have even if they do try and kill each other at times.

my blonde haired blue eyed babies all of them.

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