Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Well I had some photos to go up today but seems Blogger is having issues.
Like me it has thrown the toys out of the cot and is sulking so i promise to update and catch up on the photos soon as im able to.
On a positive note though I had a fantastic phonecall from Jnr Madhouse's Godparents in NZ, they have decided they are coming over for a holiday in September next year and while i know its AGGGGGEEEESSS away i am super excited.
These people are old enough to be my parents but the respect i hold from them is so great, we have stood together and weathered many a storm both with their issues but also with my own.
The boss: Jrn's godfather stuck his neck, reputation and employment on the line to give me a go when i was just a young eager 17 year old. He saw something in me and was willing to put his livelyhood and career on the line to give me a shot. To me he will always be called The boss, a name given first out of respect then with endearment.
W: now W is the boss's wife she took me under her wing and taught me everything i know as a Paramedic. We work amazing together we are so aware of how the other works we hardly need to talk everything runs so smoothly. W took the time to teach me and not just show me. She took the time to answer my questions and never got annoyed when she would have to explain something down to Cellular level to satisfy my need for knowldge.
They became more than just workmates in the years i worked with them, they became friends then family, hell W was my maid of honor.
The news they are coming over even though its so far away has been enough to pull me out of the pit ive found myself in the last week or so....

Onwards and upwards

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