Monday, November 15, 2010

The count down

The count down begins.
There is 20 days, yep 20 days until the masses invade and we celebrate the kiddlets birthdays here at the Madhouse... Well actually they will be invading SWMBO'd and The old fullas house but thats a technicality.

We have Missy Moo and Little Philip turning a huge 7, Buddy turning a huge 6 and Jnr Madhouse turning 3.
All of the kiddies will be inviting their classes and Jnr Madhouse wants 8 of his friends to come from his daycare.
This should be interesting.
Im a sucker.

Ive been busy today getting things sorted for the big day, ordering Tye dye and Calico bags for the kids (and adults) to dye and decorate as they see fit.
Ive been deciding on birthday cakes that will need decorating that are allergy friendly.
No Dairy, No soy, no nuts and low in a number of other things.
I think ive settled on cupcakes but dont hold me to it, it might change LOL.
We are having a *water* party so ive been out getting a bouncy castle that has a slide and pool attached and tomorrow i need to look into buckets and sponges for water fights.

Im tired just thinking about it.

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  1. Let me know if you want help with any of the practicalities. Sounds like you've got the ideas covered!