Friday, January 14, 2011

Monkey's and Tigers

Things have been pretty awesome here in the madhouse today, we have spent the morning dancing and playing and generally enjoying each others company, my living room however has turned into a zoo.

It has been taken over by a monkey (see top photo) this has become Little Miss's favorite place in the whole house except for my lap ;) every chance she gets shes standing and bouncing on top on Jnr. Madhouse's Thomas The Tank engine chair. She loves it up there and the smiles she gives when she looks down from her vantage point are so cute.

Jnr. Madhouse disappeared off to his desk and transformed himself into a Tiger. He has a fascination with Tigers at the moment so during our trip to NZ we have plans to take him on a behind the scenes tour of a zoo so he can see some up close.

Lions and Tigers and Bears, ah i love my madhouse.

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