Saturday, January 22, 2011

Oh dear part 2

So Mr Madhouse you would assume after raising kids for a number of years would you know actually have a clue about the care of kids right?

Well we had this discussion yesterday after i noticed Jnr Madhouse and Bud were quite badly sunburnt on their shoulders.

Me; hey did you notice the boys were burnt?

Mr Madhouse; true? *goes and looks* oh yeah must have been when we went out bush with me this morning

Did you put sunblock on them?

um ah no, how was i meant to know your the responsible one of this outfit.

*forehead slap*Ok for future reference if your taking the boys out they need sunblock APPLIED and hats and glasses ok, they burn just like you.

Seriously i have some doubts about him sometimes!

FYI the temperature at 9am when they left that morning was already 33 degrees.

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