Sunday, December 19, 2010

Smart Dog

So this morning i had a rather strange awakening.

Our beloved pet Sasha is a bull mastiff x french mastiff so shes a rather large dog and for ages now we have been wondering how shes getting out of our yard.

Today the mystery was resolved.

I got up shortly after Mr. Madhouse went to work this morning and wandered out to put the kettle on, i heard Mr. Madhouses pretend dog Bob (foxy x tiny rat thing) whimpering and looked out the kitchen window to the back yard to see what was up.

Nothing could have prepared me for what i saw.

I completely lost it laughing when i saw Sasha standing on our neighbors garden shed roof!

Whats been happening is shes been jumping on top of Mr. Madhouses spare tires for the Ute which are next to the fence then jumping up onto the shed roof and down into the neighbors yard where she can wander out the gate.

and who said shes a dumb dog, just wish i got a picture before i yelled at her to get down.

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