Tuesday, December 7, 2010

my love

back when i was at school i had no idea what i wanted to be, i have random ideas but nothing that jumped out and grabbed me by the shoulders while giving me a quick headbutt.

When I was 17 I became the youngest Ambulance Officer in NZ.

When I was 20 I became the youngest Paid Ambulance Officer in NZ.

I had found my passion, my dream career and over the years with all the jobs ive done there has been only one job that has made me loose my shit.

Ive lost count how many Cardiac Arrests ive been too although i still have a rhythm strip somewhere that is a constant reminder of a job i did with PF. I keep that strip because i was doing CPR by myself on a 88 year old lady, when we called it and printed out the job summary from the defib my CPR was that good it looked like a perfect rhythm. Pitty there was no electrical activity to match the muscle. (PEA)

Anyway where was I? Oh yeah loosing my shit.

It was 5 years ago, January to be exact I was working with W that day in 573, my baby, I loved that truck.

We got a call to a fall in a playground, we dispatched and upon arrival found a 13 year old laying under a tree, her family clearly distressed.

She had taken a running jump at a flying fox rope and missed. She impacted the platform with her neck and the ground with the small of her back.

Being summer and around midday where the 13 year old fell the sun was in her eyes. All her dad/family members needed to do was stand at her feet and they would have cast a shaddow over her face but nope her dad picked her up and moved her under a tree.

Talking to her mum while we were working and talking to the paient she had full sensation right up until she was moved.

How the hell was i meant to tell a 13 year old they are now wheelchair bound because their dad moved them?

I was fine for the rest of my shift but on the 30min drive home i lost it, i arrived home hugged my kids and swore i would never pick them up if they fell.

Please do a first aid course, learn to save a life, and if your child falls never ever move them.

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