Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dribbles of the mind.

Well the silly season is over for us, its the 28th today so for now its relaxation and chill time with the family... or it should be.

Jnr Madhouse woke up this morning with a raging temp, I havent even bothered to check it cause hes glowing, I know hes hot. He has also retired to his bed without arguments or encouragement.

Its 8 days till my birthday and im amazed at how fast this year has passed.

Little miss has convinced herself shes ready to walk and is spending more and more time as a biped which has me a bit sad.

They are all growing up so fast its quite scary, very soon she will be one. She is the last baby to be added to our brood and while the new challenges and stages are exciting they are also quite sad.

In a few days her and I will be flying down to Perth to see a specialist about her immune system and find out why its basically non existent, hopefully we can get to the bottom of whats happening with her and work towards a diagnosis and understanding... I need a plan, something to help me understand why she has been so so sick in the past and help her treating doctors understand that there is actually something physically wrong with her and im not just a nutcase.

They finally listened to me when she was 4mths old after me insisting there was something wrong from birth, yeah she has a life threatening allergy that was only discovered at my insistance. It feels great when they finally listen.

But for the next couple of days we will enjoy our family time, riding motorbikes, kicking by the pool and absorbing all the smiles and laughter the children offer.

Take care all

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