Saturday, December 18, 2010

new things

So school is out for the year and major changes will be happening next year.

Little Philip is progressing into another ESC class which im so pleased about, he has hit so many of his goals this year and is currently the most advanced in his class of 5.

Yep you read right he is in a class of 5, for those 5 children there is 2 teachers, 2 aides, a nurse, a physio, a speech therapist and an occupational therapist.

We are very blessed with his school and what they are doing. His speech has come ahead in leaps and bounds this year with him now having a vocab of about 5 words, he is alot more confident with swimming and even putting his head under the water.

Im excited about next year and watching him develop and progress.

His teachers have seen something in him and want him to go to special athletics, so next year two days a week he will be out running track and having a ball he is so excited about this its great.

Hurray for new things

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