Tuesday, December 14, 2010

dribbles of the mind

So ive been thinking the last few weeks that id like to reenter the medical field part time.

As ive told you Jnr Madhouses godparents are both Paramedics and with talking to W, shes managed to get me on the roster for our holiday early next year.

I love being a Paramedic.

Seeing first hand the circle of life, delivering babies, codes......

I miss being on the road, the adrenalin when the pager goes off, the turn of the wheel, not knowing what you will find when you arrive, holding an elderly persons hand in the back on the way to hospital after they have been on the cold bathroom floor all night from a fall. Being able to offer some comfort to patients and families.

Im not sure how i will make this work around family commitments but im sure i can and with Jnr Madhouse's godparents talking about moving over they have already informed me they want to babysit.

I miss being a paramedic but the kiddlets are very worth the wait

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