Saturday, March 5, 2011

what can i say

so Jnr madhouse has a thing about his nose, everything and anything gets put up there.

I still remember the first time i found this out, i was changing his nappy and saw something up there. I squeezed his nostril only to be greeted by not one but two peas slimy and slightly mushed coming out.

Lately though its been his finger and although we have tonnes of tissues within easy reach of him he still insists on shoving his finger up there.

I insisted today he blow his nose on a tissue instead of picking the booger out with his finger.

After much debate he agreed to blow in said tissue, the downside of this is he also insists on inspecting whatever comes out.

He blew, i carefully opened tissue and showed him while asking "is that what it was bud?"

to his response

I dont know mummy hang on *shoves finger up nose*


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