Monday, March 7, 2011

morning in the Madhouse

It was shortly before dawn when she felt a tingle in her tummy, hmm i need somewhere to unload this but where?

She scans the room but can barely make anything out in the predawn light.

Fuck it she thinks and decides to strike the person closest to her.

With stealth she quietly undoes her nappy making sure the velcro doesnt make enough noise to wake her victim.


Screams cry out from her victim. Ahhh honey thats just wrong.

She sits back giggling and admires her handy work. Mummy is awake now and needs a shower.

She also needs to change the sheets

The liquid gold makes mummys hair cling to her face and as she sits up she copes a ponytail in the mouth... awesome

Later that day after mummy has changed and showered she gets another rumble in her tummy.

Oh no i know what this feeling is. She waddles up to mummy as fast as she can but that blasted woman is too busy reading to her brother to take any notice.

She tries and tries again to get her attention pointing to her palm like she was shown.

That stupid bat looks at her and says yes baby a chicken, thinking she was signing the word chicken instead of what she was actually doing.

frustrated she starts tugging at mummys leg, mummy asks that could daddy please pay her some attention to her but its becoming clear its almost too late.

She tries again this time in desperation.

No dice.

Well woman dont say i didnt try as she sulks off into the living room and takes a dump in the washing basket full of clean clothes to be folded and put away.

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