Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Things in the Madhouse are pretty busy atm. Mr Madhouse is going overseas on a quick 10 day holiday in the upcoming weeks.

Jnr and Little Miss are sick i think Little miss has Parvo (slapcheek, 5th disease) and i have the final installment of treatment coming up so craziness rules.

We now have 2 new babies in our clan one born yesterday and one the day before. A little boy and a little girl so much love is going out to their parents.

Im looking forward to my holiday overseas in a few months for lots of cuddles.

I turned down a job in the ambulance field because it doesnt have the hours im after and is too hard to make it as flexible as i need but ive been offered another job that i am thinking about taking.

Jnr Madhouse is rocking on with his home learning and is building so much on his recongision of letters and numbers. It all seems to be coming to him really easily and hes so eager so while hes keen we are into it.

I have more to tell you but we have dinner guests arriving in a few hours so better get ready...

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