Wednesday, October 27, 2010

take the time

As i grow as a person, as a parent i become more aware of my decisions and how what i do in everyday life effects not only myself and those around me but effects my community and my childrens communities.

I hope/dream that by being a more aware parent i am changing my childrens lives and generations to come.
I take the time to listen to my children
I take the time to explain to them
I take the time to explore with them

Take the time out of your busy life to begin to make these changes for your children, your family, your community.

What are your children going to remember when they grow up?
Are they going to remember the house was spotless and dinner was always on time, that they had the newest toys and clothes?
Or are they going to remember you sat on the floor with them and read them a book or drove a car around the kitchen table with them?

What would you rather?

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