Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This is the mad house.

The players in our mad house are but not limited to

the father: self explanatory really, otherwise known as Mr madhouse
Me: the mother in this story known by mumma, mummy, mum and all forms of.
Little Dude: Jnr Madhouse who is coming up 3 circles of the sun, a creative, funny, challenging soul
Little Miss: Jnr Me who is coming up one circle of the sun, she is an amazing creature such a happy little soul.

Other players in the Madhouse how will be commonly mentioned:

The old fulla: My father a dedicated grandfather who has always been a strong figure in my life.
She who must be obeyed : SWMBO is my mum, again a dedicated grandmother and constant confidant to me.
Little Philip: My nephew who has Downs syndrome. I love him dearly he is a constant challenge but such a character who teaches me new things daily. Almost 7 circles of the sun
Missy Moo: Little Philip's twin sister who is sassy, outspoken and sensitive.
Buddy: Little Philip and Missy Moo's little brother who i have an extremely close bond with, he is truely a light in my life. Hes coming up 6 circles of the sun.

Well there you go im sure more will be added to the list but that will do for now.

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